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A Maid Cafe meme coin, made by maids for their Masters and Mistresses.

$MEIDO Token

Made in Tokyo

  • No Taxes, No Reflections

  • LP receipt burned, renounced contract

  • Dynamic Anti-whaleAnti-bot measures

  • Total Supply: 420,690,000,000 $MEIDO tokens

  • 36.86% PinkSale allocation (vested 24 hours)

  • 25% Auto-burn allocation, fixed schedule

  • 13.14% Public sale allocation

  • 15% Dev and Team wallet (vested 21 days)

  • 10% Fund allocation, voted by the community

  • Get funding for projects & anime art, voted by the community


I'm Aiko Hatsubara,

leader of the

Meido Kafe team. 

The Maids

The Maids


Leading Meido Kafe is “Aiko Hatsubara”, a legendary Okami-san in Akihabara's Maid Cafe scene, known for her unmatched charisma and dedication to the Maid Cafe culture. Aiko, the figurehead of Meido Kafe, embodies the spirit of hospitality and community that we aspire to infuse into our token.


Supporting Aiko is a team of expert Maids—Haruka, Yumi, Mina, and Saki—who bring their expertise, passion, and dedication to the table, ensuring every community member feels like royalty. The team is here to serve you. This team's commitment to community involvement is inspired by the decentralised ethos in other projects, where every voice matters.

We go live with our leading character Aiko. The community will design the other 4 leading characters, Haruka, Yumi, Mina, and Saki during pre-launch and continue expanding the Meido Kafe world. Winning designs will be voted on by the community and launched publicly on socials, our community channels and here prior to launch. Winners granted gifts from Fund wallet as reward!

Meido Kafe

Meido Kafe


Key Features

  • No transaction taxes or reflections

  • Pre-defined public burn schedule

  • Initial contract update by community consensus.

  • Handover to community DAO on contract update.

  • Renounce centralised contract ownership

  • LP receipt burned on launch

  • Anti-whale and anti-bot mechanisms for market fairness


Token Utility

  • $MEIDO serves as a medium of exchange within the Meido Kafe ecosystem, emphasising community engagement and Maid Cafe culture.

  • Token holders can participate in governance, influencing the project's direction and decisions.


Total Supply

  • Maximum Total Supply: 420,690,000,000 $MEIDO tokens


  • Public Allocation (50%): 210,345,000,000 tokens

    • PinkSale (36.86%): 155,066,334,000 tokens

    • Public Sale (13.14%): 55,278,666,000 tokens

  • Burn Wallet (25%): 105,172,500,000 tokens

    • Scheduled burns over the first 15 months to enhance scarcity and value

  • Founding Team (15%): 63,103,500,000 tokens

  • Fund Allocation (10%): 42,069,000,000 tokens distributed among four funds:

    • Character Fund (4%): 16,827,600,000 tokens

    • Community Project Fund (3%): 12,620,700,000 tokens

    • Marketing Fund (2%): 8,413,800,000 tokens

    • Maid Cafe Fund (1%): 4,206,900,000 tokens

Burn Events

  • Omurice Burn Series: 5 Omurice controlled burns (each 5% of the total burn wallet), reducing supply and increasing value.

  • Omurice - 1st serving (1st burn)

    • Jun 30th 2024, 5% - 21,034,500,000 tokens burned

  • Omurice - 2nd serving (2nd burn)

    • Sep. 30th 2024, 5% - 21,034,500,000 tokens burned 

  • Omurice - 3rd serving (3rd burn)

    • Dec. 31st 2024, 5% - 21,034,500,000 tokens burned

  • Omurice - 4th serving (4th burn)

    • Mar. 31st 2025, 5% - 21,034,500,000 tokens burned

  • Omurice - 5th serving (5th burn)

    • Jun. 30th 2025, 5% - 21,034,500,000 tokens burned

Over 105 billion $MEIDO tokens are guaranteed to burn!

Meido Kafe Funds

  • Yumi Fund - Character Fund

  • 4x 1 billion $MEIDO presented to winning designers of the four leading characters Haruka, Yumi, Mina and Saki.

  • Winners voted by the community.

  • New community-generated Meido Kafe characters are created every month, with a $MEIDO token present for winning characters monthly.

  • Saki Fund - Community Project Fund

  • Supporting community-backed and voted projects four times a year.

  • Do you have an anime project that needs funding? We’ll pay for it. Do you want to start a Karaoke business? We’ll fund it. Do you want to launch a manga series? We’ll pay you to do it.

  • Your imagination is the only limit.

  • Each approved project is eligible for up to 1% of the Saki Fund's USD value in $MEIDO tokens.

  • Haruka Fund - Marketing Fund

  • Allocated for strategic, performance-driven marketing to enhance the token's visibility.

  • Prioritise value and community resonance, eschewing costly, ineffective influencer engagements.

  • Community consensus is required for fund utilisation. Transparency is key, with all expenditures openly reported

  • Mina Fund - Maid Cafe Fund

  • Establish global partnerships, using $MEIDO as a tipping and payment method, starting in Akihabara and expanding outward.

  • Merge the virtual $MEIDO token with real-world Maid Cafe culture.

  • Community approval is required for fund allocation and expenditure.


Meido Kafe Funds: Distribution and Counterbalances

The strategic deployment of Meido Kafe funds, including the Yumi, Saki, Mina, and Haruka funds, plays a pivotal role in the token's ecosystem by driving engagement, fostering community-driven projects, and enhancing market visibility. Distributing these funds for various initiatives can inject activity and utility into the token, potentially increasing demand.

Inflationary Pressures

  • Increased Token Circulation: Distributing tokens from these funds increases the circulating supply, introducing potential inflationary pressures.

  • Market Perception: Regular fund disbursements can lead to perceptions of increased token supply, impacting its market value.

Deflationary Mechanisms

  • Burn Mechanism: To counterbalance the inflationary effects, a burn mechanism is instituted where a set percentage of tokens is periodically removed from circulation, reducing the total supply and creating deflationary pressure.

  • Vesting Periods: By incorporating initial vesting periods for different funds, the immediate impact of token release into the market is moderated, allowing a more controlled increase in circulating supply.

Balancing Economic Forces

  • Community-Driven Decisions: All fund-related expenditures require community approval, aligning the token distribution with holder interests and market readiness.

  • Transparency and Lock Mechanisms: Ensuring that all transactions are transparent and the funds are locked for a specified period post-launch minimizes abrupt market impacts, allowing the token's value to grow organically based on genuine demand and project milestones.

By thoughtfully balancing these economic mechanisms, Meido Kafe Token aims to cultivate a robust and sustainable token economy, where growth is driven by real utility and community engagement, counterbalanced by strategic deflationary controls to preserve and enhance token value over time.



Q1 2024

  • Whitepaper

  • Smart Contract

  • Website

  • Socials

  • Marketing

  • Pre-sale on PinkSale

Q2 2024

  • LP Launch via Raydium/Jupiter

  • Publicly burn LP receipt on Sol Incinerator

  • 4 community created leading characters

  • 1 billion $MEIDO to each character designer

  • Marketing + Grow socials

  • 1st community project funded

  • Omurice - 1st serving, +21 billion token burn

Q3 2024

  • 1st Cafe partnership

  • 2nd community project funded

  • Omurice - 2nd serving+21 billion token burn

Q4 and beyond

  • DAO foundation.

  • Renounced contract.

  • 3rd, 4th... etc project funded

  • Omurice - 3rd, 4th, 5th serving, total +63 billion token burn

$MEIDO Token
$MEIDO Token
$MEIDO Token
$MEIDO Token
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